Fire Safety Management

Fire Safety Management

Regarding Fire Safety management, Article 11 of the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that the responsible person must make and give effect to such arrangements as are appropriate, having regard to the size of his undertaking and the nature of its activities, for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the preventive and protective measures. These fire safety management procedures must be recorded if the following applies -

* Employs more than five employees

* If a licence under enactment is in force in relation to the premises.

* If an alterations notice is in force in relation to the business.

The fire safety management plans should be flexible enough to allow for change and may cover such areas as -

* Responsibility for fire safety at board level.

* Responsibility for each premises such as the site manager or person who has overall control.

* Arrangements for appointing people to carry out specific roles in the event of fire.

Planning and Implementing Fire Safety Management.

A planned and systematic approach should be implemented. The aim must be to minimise the risk of fire and the effect of fire to both people and the business. Fire Risk Assessment methods should be used to provide focused planning. The outcomes of the risk assessments should be used to prioritise and implement the preventive and protective measures that are required. The fire safety management plan should include -

* Identification of fire hazards and assessment of the applicable risks.

* Ensure appropriate protective, prevention and procedures are in place.

* Procedures are in place for fighting a fire.

* Peoples duties to be identified in the event of fire.

* Details and location of all dangerous substances on the premises.

* Ensure staff have written instructions 

* Co-ordination and co-operation between all occupiers.

* Ensure appropriate fire training is in place.

* Fire drills and emergency evacuation plan are in place.

* Monitoring systems should be in place and adhered to.

* Appropriate fire safety records should be kept and up to date.

* Implement systems and procedures for providing relevant information to employees, contractors, visitors, emergency services, and other persons as necessary.

* Details of protected areas/fire doors.

* The prevention of arson

Auditing the Fire Safety Management Plan

The process of auditing the fire safety management plan should be undertaken periodically. The audit will determine if the organisation is compliant with its own safety standards. The audit must examine the standards and compliance with them within the fire safety management system. It is more than a physical inspection.

Although inspections are a useful way to to monitor fire safety they are not a substitute for a comprehensive audit by a competent auditor   

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