Fire Risk Assessment PAS 79 - Ensure Compliance 


What is a Fire Risk Assessment PAS 79 standard? PAS 79 is a recognised professional standard and methodology that will ensure that all of the required information and significant findings that are applicable to the Fire Risk Assessment are properly and comprehensively recorded and reported. PAS means Publicly Available Specification which has been developed and published by the British Standards Institution (of which we are Authorised Partners). PAS 79 was first published in 2005 with revisions in 2007, 2012 with the latest being in 2020.

PAS 79 standard/methodology is now often requested by insurance companies and has been approved and developed with the following organisations - 

*Fire Protection Association (FPA)

*British Approvals for Fire Equipment (BAFE)

*British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

*Chief Fire Officers’ Association (CFOA)

*Fire Industry Association (FIA)

*Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE)

*Institute of Fire Prevention Officers (IFPO)

*Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM)

*Northern Ireland Fire Safety Panel

*Odeon Cinemas Limited

All our trained, experienced Fire Risk Assessors carry out  Fire Risk Assessments to PAS 79 standard to ensure that our clients/Responsible Person meet their legislative responsibilities and the Fire Risk Assessment is “suitable and sufficient”. The purpose of the Fire Risk Assessment PAS 79 will establish a pragmatic, holistic and risk-proportionate approach towards assessment of fire prevention measures, fire protection measures and and management of fire safety. PAS 79 also provides a consistent approach to carrying out and documenting a fire risk assessment that will be accepted by enforcing authorities. 

A Fire Risk Assessment PAS 79 standard is applicable to most types of premises and include -

Offices, Retail Premises, Shops, Schools, Colleges, Flat Developments (communal areas), Hotels, Houses in Multiple Occupation, Factories, Residential Care Homes, Warehouses, Restaurants, Public Houses etc.

Your Fire Risk Assessment PAS 79 - What it Includes.

The fully comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment PAS 79 document will include inspection of the following areas and more in an easy to use concise, bespoke report with a full Action Plan for any any requirements/recommendations to ensure compliance with the The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

ELECTRICAL SOURCES OF IGNITION - including Fixed installation testing in place, portable appliance testing, suitable policy regarding the use of personal electrical appliances etc

SMOKING - Reasonable measures taken to prevent fires as a result of smoking etc

ARSON - Does basic security against arson by outsiders appear reasonable.

PORTABLE HEATERS AND HEATING INSTALLATIONS - Is the use of the more hazardous types (e.g. radiant heaters log appliances) avoided?, Are suitable measures taken to minimize the hazard of ignition of combustible materials? Are fixed heating installations subject to regular maintenance? etc.

COOKING - Are reasonable measures taken to prevent fires as a result of cooking? 

LIGHTNING - Does the building require lightning protection?

HOUSEKEEPING - Is the standard of housekeeping adequate? Appropriate storage of hazardous and combustible materials? etc

HAZARDS INTRODUCED BY OUTSIDE CONTRACTORS AND BUILDING WORKS - Ensure fire safety conditions are imposed on outside contractors and satisfactory controls over works are carried out in the building by outside workers (including hot work permits).

DANGEROUS SUBSTANCES - Ensure general fire precautions are adequate to address the hazards associated with dangerous substances used or stored within the premises. Is a DSEAR (Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations) required? etc

MEANS OF ESCAPE - Its very important that there is an adequate number of fire exits and the escape routes both internal and external are well designed with reasonable travel distances. Consideration will also be made to occupancy levels which can be particularly applicable to Restaurants, Public Houses Hotels, and other places where larger number of people assemble in one area. 

MEASURES TO LIMIT FIRE SPREAD AND DEVELOPMENT - Thorough inspection will be made to ensure that adequate structural compartmentation appears to be in place to ensure all escape routes are adequately protected. Inspection of fire doors will ensure they appear fit for purpose. For example there are not excessive gaps. Closers and ironmongery work correctly etc. 

EMERGENCY ESCAPE LIGHTING - Inspection will be made that lighting is adequate to enable escape should the main primary lighting fail.

FIRE SAFETY SIGNS NOTICES - The fire Risk Assessment PAS 79 will ensure inspection is made to ensure that all occupants will clear guidance to all escape routes and fire exits and be aware of what to do if fire occurs.

MEANS OF GIVING WARNING IN CASE OF FIRE - Inspection will be made to ensure that the fire alarm warning system is appropriate and adequate for the the premises. This could be from a simple gong/bell/verbal warning to full sprinkler/LD1 systems. Rest assured because we do not supply equipment we not recommend or require the installation of expensive fire alarm equipment if it is not required or there is no other solution.

MANUAL FIRE EXTINGUISHING APPLIANCES - A survey will be carried out to ensure that the correct number an type of extinguishing equipment is installed in the appropriate locations within your premises.

MANAGEMENT OF FIRE SAFETY - It is vitally important that well managed fire safety procedures are documented and communicated to ensure a safe, fast evacuation of the premises. This will include Fire Evacuation Plan and Procedures, fire drills, fire training, fire log book records etc.

Personal, professional advice and guidance will be to all of the above and more to ensure compliance. Efiresafety Ltd has a total commitment to providing a service which is second to none. We will also liaise  with the enforcing authorities where necessary.

See BSI PAS 79 Document

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